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Meet our sweetheart Petunia Petal

She was left behind in an apartment and was living in the apartment walls. During her spay, our vet team noticed her paws smelled like infection. Upon further examination of her nails, they noticed they were completely worn down! This poor girl must have been trying to claw her way out. When the doctor did Petunia's oral examination, she noticed that poor Petunia's canine was just barely hanging on by the gum. She was probably also trying to chew her way out. They were able to remove the tooth from the gums and suture the gums back together. Petunia got her feet cleaned and wrapped, pain meds, and antibiotics, and is now resting comfortably in our vet clinic.

When you contribute to our Medical Emergency Fund, you are helping to provide critical medical treatment, like the lifesaving surgery Petunia received. The months of June and July are particularly challenging for our shelter, both in terms of the influx of animals and the strain on our finances. Your support is crucial during this time. Any donation, regardless of size, makes a difference. Thank you for your generosity!

Thank you for your generosity and support!

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