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Whatever your weekend plans are, our shelter pups would love a mini vacation with you. Our dogs benefit greatly when they take a break from the shelter, and the information you share helps us better match them with potential adopters.

Take a dog home for  Straycation

Pets eligible for this program primarily include medium to large dogs. We ask that you commit to at least three days: pick up on Friday and drop off on Sunday. You are more than welcome to keep the dog as long as you’d like after that. We’ll provide you with a crate and food for the weekend!

Join the CARE STL Foster Family Today!



  • We’ll provide you with a sturdy leash, collar, an “Adopt Me” vest/bandana, crate, starter food, and the dog’s
    CARE STL business cards.

  • Place a towel or sheet in your car for the dog to rest on.

  • Make sure you are comfortable with the dog. We want both you and the dog to have a successful outing.


  • Keep the dog on a leash and in your control (within 6 feet of you) at all times while in public.

  • Dog parks are NEVER allowed, and avoid feeding the dog human food.

  • Take many photos and videos, and send them to



If you have any questions during your weekend getaway, you can email:


Send photos, videos, and details:



Between our shelter and in foster homes we are currently caring for a record-breaking 436 animals. With this huge amount, we are in need of some extra supplies!

Our wish list makes it easy to donate and the items come directly to us:

Leashes and collars

Purina Lamb & Rice dry adult dog food

Large crates for fosters 48"

Each item is on our wish list if you can help donate!

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