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Marzia's Plea

We urgently need assistance with Marzia! We are looking for someone who can provide temporary help until we can secure a long-term foster for her.

Due to the stress and trauma she has experienced, Marzia is in need of a stable foster placement before we can address her tail injury. We are scheduled to perform surgery on her tail tomorrow if a foster is found. The surgery will be rescheduled next Tuesday if no foster is found today or tomorrow. Someone must be able to pick her up tomorrow or after her surgery. We require someone to care for her post-surgery to prevent her from further harming herself. She is very stressed and she'll hurt herself if no one will be there to watch her until her tail is healed.

This situation is critical, and we must come together to rescue Marzia from her depression and anxiety. Please let us know immediately if you are able to assist in any way. Thank you for always supporting our animals at CARE.

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