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Why the city animals need    "The Workhouse"

We are so excited that our city animal control shelter is in the running for the next phase of Reimagining the Workhouse. We can't wait to see our vision become a reality and help the City of St Louis community even more! To make this happen, we kindly ask you to take a moment to complete the survey and choose Animal Control Shelter (page 2 of the survey). By doing so, we can secure our forever home and provide a better life for the dogs in our care. Currently, we have at least 70 dogs in crates, living in them for 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seeing them in such conditions breaks our hearts, and we know that a bigger space is needed. The Workhouse is the perfect solution and will enable us to serve our city animals with nowhere to go. Thank you, and we appreciate your support.

Check out some of the pictures of the workhouse. If we can only use those rooms and renovate them as a kennel/apartments, our animals will have more comfortable space than living in crates.


If you are a business owner or know of any businesses that are willing to support us and send a letter of support, please email your support to:

Please make sure to copy when you send your email.

Send a letter of support now.


Below is the information on how many animals we intake in the current shelter. 

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Bubbalou has a few things in mind on our Wishlist Wednesday, and he says thank you very much for thinking of him and his 160++ furry friends currently living at the shelter. 

You will find these items on our Amazon wishlist --

If you could please send them to:
Bubbalou, c/o CARE STL
2700 Walnut Place
St. Louis, MO 63103

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Sip & Shop Sponsorship with CARE STL.png

Between our shelter and in foster homes we are currently caring for a record-breaking 355 animals. With this huge amount, we are in need of some extra supplies!

Our wishlist makes it easy to donate and the items come directly to us:

Leashes and collars

Purina Lamb & Rice dry adult dog food

Large crates for fosters 48"Each item is on our wishlist if you can help donate!

At CARE STL, the volunteers make sure that the cats get in on the enrichment craze as much as the dogs! Our cats often go for stroller rides outdoors but this was all about the indoor enrichment..... and our cats had a ball!

Our volunteer Georgia came up with this wonderful and easy idea for our cats and created buckets filled with herbs, including catnip and lavender. The cats loved the smells, jumped into buckets, rolled around, and it was PURR GALORE!

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