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Our Rescue Partner Philosophy

CARE STL sees a need to holistically improve the lives of animals and humans in the City of St. Louis. We want to work together with local rescues and organizations to help build a stronger, unified, and animal-friendly community. We rely on like-minded shelters and rescue organizations to remain No-Kill.


We welcome any rescue group to pull as many animals as often as possible from our shelter! When you do so, we will do part to help promote your adoption and foster programs so you're able to pull more from us!

What do you need to be a partner?

  1. Be a 501c3 non-profit organization.

  2. For those with a brick-and-mortar shelter facility: you must have a valid, current Department of Agriculture license.

  3. Possess the same No-Kill rescue and shelter practice as CARE STL.

  4. Promote the principles of humane welfare.

  5. Only adopt out spayed/neutered animals.

For more information, email