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We are proud to be the only open-admission shelter in the City of St. Louis and still maintain the highest life-saving rate of 98%, which is the job’s most challenging part. Even though we work with a network of like-minded rescue partners, we still have to deal with a record number of lost animals entering our shelter. Because of this, we are unable to take animals brought in by the public because we have zero empty space because we always have to accept the animals that are brought in by Animal Control Officers on a daily basis.  We are well beyond our dog runs, have used pop-up kennels for over a year, and now we have no space to add more. We are happy to offer resources, and we encourage you to foster the lost pet you find.

The majority of dogs on the street, if lost, do not wander far.

It is proven that if you foster and hang signs where you found the dog, that dog is much more likely to find its owner than when you bring it to the shelter.

We ask you to keep the dog for at least 48 hours, go to the nearest veterinary clinic to get the dog/cat scanned for a microchip, hang signs, share on FB lost pet groups, Next Door pages, etc.

If you can foster the dog for us, we can get them into our system and supply everything you need.

And remember, many lost cats you see really do belong to someone, and many people have indoor/outdoor cats.

If a stray/lost cat looks healthy, leave them where you find them.

Bringing lost animals to the shelter is not the immediate solution anymore, fostering and networking to find the owner is the best solution to getting that animal back home.

If not claimed, and you foster for us, the animal will go up for adoption after its 5-day stray hold.

We are proud of our successful effort to care for our city’s animals, save them from inhumane treatment, and protect the public from stray and possibly dangerous animals. But we need the help and support of the community to successfully implement these new processes and return these loved pets to their familiar home.

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