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Be a "Weekend Foster Warrior"

Join our Weekend Foster Warrior program and become a hero for shelter dogs! Spend your weekends providing love and care to a shelter dog in need. Consider giving a shelter dog a much-needed break.

What's a Weekend Warrior? A short foster period for a couple of days to help relieve the dogs and our caregivers and volunteers. Dogs will get a break. You'll get sloppy kisses, and our staff and volunteers can give extra attention to the dogs who can't leave the shelter for foster How will it work?

(1) Fill out a foster application ⬇️

(2) Come to the shelter between 1 pm to 7 pm. No need to RSVP, just come!

(3) Take home a foster dog for the weekend! We will also send home any needed supplies.

(4) Let your foster dog relax and decompress. Since the dog will be there only for a couple of days, please do not introduce to your pet/s. Pamper your guest and show them all the love and care that they are craving for.

Wanna pick up a foster dog before Friday? Fantastic! We are open for foster pick-ups every day, 1 pm to 7 pm.

Share the pictures of your guest on social media! Share with friends and family! Share with complete strangers! Let's move some dogs out of the shelter, even for just a few days!

So mark your calendar: 

Every Friday: Take a dog from CARE STL

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