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If you have lost your pet:

Step 1
If you have lost a dog, put out food, water, and its bed or an article of your clothing. There is a good chance that the dog will return.

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Step 2
Email email is monitored by shelter staff. Email us with the following information:
Your name and contact number
Pictures of your dog, face, body, and identifiable marks
Email us their microchip information or vet records
Also, keep an eye on our Lost & Found Pets on our website just in case, and check our Daily Facebook post regarding found pets.

Step 3
Spread the word!
Print lost flyers. Post them around where your pet was last seen and go door to door. Flyers can also be taken to vet clinics and the police department. Also, post that your pet is missin
g on Petco Love Lost, PetFBI, Pawboost, Lost & Found Pets Facebook page, and Missouri Lost and Found Pets Network website.

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Find a Pet After Hours?
Not sure what to do? Typically, pets don’t wander too far from home, so the chances are that someone is looking for them close to where they were found. Email the shelter at so they know that a pet has been found. Put the pet in an extra room in your home or crate them overnight and call the shelter the next day. You can also call the non-emergency line (314) 231-1212 to make a report. 
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