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CARE STL is seeking fosters during this heatwave alert!

With St. Louis currently being one of several cities under excessive heat warnings, and with temperatures forecast to reach 100 degrees (accompanied by high humidity), we are seeking immediate fosters to help get 50 of our most vulnerable animals into homes, and to open up more space for animals needing shelter during these dangerously high temperatures.

The weather is forecast to be brutally hot this week. Today, as I type this, the temperature is  reading 101 degrees, and it's going to be in triple digits until Wednesday, followed by temps in the mid-90's until next week.

“We need to move as many dogs as possible to foster homes. We have worked hard to improve our facility with more shade and misters. We are preparing supplies to include fans, misters, and kongs“ says Weng Horak, CEO and Founder of CARE STL.

“We need fosters and adopters to show up from 11-5 p.m. and help by taking home a dog while we get through this triple-digit heat wave”

Triple-digit heat like this can kill a pet quickly if they're exposed outdoors. You can save an animal from this terrible fate by posting on NextDoor, asking neighbors to put water out for wildlife and community cats, and if you can, even offer to help a neighbor who has an outdoor dog by providing shade, ice, lots of water, and even fans to help cool them. Also ask folks to keep pets indoors from 10 a.m. till to 8 p.m. each day to avoid the hottest parts of the day to prevent heat exhaustion and  heatstroke.

We have created warning signs for people regarding heat stroke in dogs. We ask the community to print and share this information with your neighbors, and if you are near any parks or open public gathering areas, please put up these signs. We need your help in continuing to spread the word that this 100+ degree weather is lethal to pets.

By making a gift today, you help keep animals safe in our community. You can help us support these communities in the City of St. Louis with the supplies they need to keep shelter pets safe.

Lucky Shed enjoying the pool

Download this graphic and share it with your neighbor, offices, park areas, and everywhere. Please help us share this information with the public to protect the pets in our city.

Between our shelter and in foster homes, we are currently caring for a record-breaking 355 animals. With this huge amount, we need some extra supplies!

Our wishlist makes it easy to donate, and the items come directly to us at CARE STL, 2700 Walnut Place, St. Louis, MO 63103

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