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I am happy to provide the monthly report for the City of St. Louis Animal Care Shelter, managed by CARE STL.


In July 2023, the shelter received 243 animals, making the total intake for this year 2,080 animals to date.


In July, we successfully found new homes for 154 animals and reunited 20 pets with their owners. We also hired a Rescue Coordinator in July, and this position has transferred 19 animals for the month. We are expecting to grow this department with more Rescue partnerships.


Despite the continued intake and implementation of the Quality of Life Euthanasia Assessment Flow Chart, the shelter has maintained an impressive live release rate of 98.79% as of July 31st. The shelter's average daily intake as of July is 9 animals each day, with a weekly intake average of 55.


The shelter fulfilled 134 spays and neuters, conducted 19 heartworm treatments, cared for 7 animals with parvovirus, and carried out 11 multiple procedures for mass removals, dental extractions, and wound repairs.

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Perro destacado: Brozelle


Meet Kristin, our Foster Hero of the Quarter. Although primarily a cat foster, she took in pregnant Mylah and her TEN puppies with open arms.

Kristin’s passion for fostering cats led her to take in a pregnant dog, Mylah, and her ten adorable puppies. Despite the challenges that arose, Kristin remained committed to giving these pups the best possible care. It was a trying few weeks as four of the puppies succumbed to respiratory issues, but Kristin persevered and continued to care for Mylah and her remaining puppies, who grew stronger every day and eventually found loving homes.

Kristin developed a deep bond with Mylah and decided to adopt her into her family. Undeterred by the ups and downs of her first maternity foster experience, Kristin eagerly took in another pregnant dog, Nalani. This time, she was better equipped to handle the birthing process, and eight healthy puppies were born under her watchful eye. When the time came to wean them from their mother, Kristin decided to keep Nalani until she found her forever home.

We cannot thank Kristin enough for her unwavering love and dedication to our animals at CARE. She truly embodies the spirit of our Foster Hero program and is making a tremendous difference in the lives of our homeless animals.

We also want to extend our gratitude to all the foster parents who stepped up to provide temporary coverage while others enjoyed their summer vacations. Your generosity and compassion have made it possible for us to keep our pups out of the shelter and in loving homes.

To those who participated in the #Straycations program, we cannot thank you enough for giving our long-term pups a much-needed break from shelter life. Your kindness and generosity have not gone unnoticed, and we are deeply grateful for all you do to support our mission.


Bubbalou has a few things in mind on our Wishlist Wednesday, and he says thank you very much for thinking of him and his 160++ furry friends currently living at the shelter. 

You will find these items on our Amazon wishlist --

If you could please send them to:
Bubbalou, c/o CARE STL
2700 Walnut Place
St. Louis, MO 63103

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Entre nuestro refugio y las casas de acogida, actualmente cuidamos a 355 animales, un récord. ¡Con esta enorme cantidad, necesitamos algunos suministros adicionales!

NuestroLista de deseos de Amazon.comfacilita la donación y los artículos nos llegan directamente:

Correas y collares

Purina Lamb & Rice pienso seco para perros adultos

Cajas grandes para acogida 48" ¡Cada artículo está en nuestra lista de deseos si puede ayudar a donar!

¡En CARE STL, los voluntarios se aseguran de que los gatos participen en la locura del enriquecimiento tanto como los perros! Nuestros gatos a menudo van a dar paseos en cochecitos al aire libre, pero esto se trataba de enriquecimiento interior... ¡y nuestros gatos se divirtieron mucho!

A nuestra voluntaria Georgia se le ocurrió esta maravillosa y fácil idea para nuestros gatos y creó baldes llenos de hierbas, incluyendo hierba gatera y lavanda. A los gatos les encantaron los olores, saltaron a los cubos, rodaron y ¡ronroneó en abundancia!

¡Se el primero en saberlo!

¡Gracias por suscribirte!

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