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Some amazing “wins” for the year!

While 2022 has been a year of challenges, it is also a year of many extraordinary happenings! We have had 1,816 adoptions, an increase from 1,300 in 2021! Our return to owner animals reached a high of 280 pets reunited. We launched our official Training & Enrichment team and hired two part-time and one full-time certified trainer to keep our dogs mentally healthy during their shelter journey. Our dogs had more kennel enrichment than ever before, and we began large dog playgroups for the well-being of our dogs. We built out 3 yards for our dogs to have an agility yard, a play yard, and a mental enrichment yard.
Our Community Surgical Suite expansion is underway, and our goal to offer more low-cost services to the community is now within reach. We send every dog home with a collar and ID tag to ensure they get back home quicker in case they get lost. Our food pantry is up and running again now that the shelter is open for business. And despite all the yearly challenges, we kept a saving rate of 98.64%.

With the increased number of homeless animals needing our help, we are reaching out to our supporters to ask for your year-end support. We need you more than ever to save more lives. Four years ago, our yearly intake was 800 animals; this year, we are on track to save 3,000 lives!
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