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Surrendering Your Pet

We understand that life happens and you're not always able to keep your pet. Before surrendering your pet to a shelter, please consider the following:

1) If you need to surrender for BEHAVIORAL reasons (i.e. aggression towards another animal or people, going the bathroom in the house etc.) please consider working with a trainer or finding a trusted adopter on your own. We do not have the resources or time to train your animal at our shelter. Please click here for a list of trainers if you help finding one. 


2) If you're MOVING, please consider keeping your pet with you and make sure to find a place that's pet friendly. If you need help finding pet friendly places, please check out xxxxxx

3) If you're UNABLE TO AFFORD TO CARE for the animal, please call our shelter at 314-696-2444 so that our staff might assist you.

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