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Donations from our sponsors supplement the funding that CARE receives from the City of St. Louis. We must raise these additional funds to realize our mission of caring for all the stray and mistreated animals in our City. Thank you for your donations.

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Be a Capital Campaign Contributor

We are seeking funding for the construction of more humane, spacious housing wings for the animals in our care, our CARE STL Community Veterinary Clinic, and for Quarantine/Isolation Housing for those animals in our care with treatable yet highly contagious or infectious diseases.

  • Any contribution of $25,000 or above qualifies for nominal dedication of any of the following, per the preference of the donor:

    • Housing Wings

    • Medical Funding

    • CARE STL Community Veterinary Clinic

  • Any capital campaign contribution at any level earns a personalized, memorial plaque and dedication on our donor wall

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